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Healings, Deliverances, Miracles, Breakthroughs, Prophecies, Baptisms in the Spirit, Salvations ==== GOD AT WORK!

March 31, 2019, HFC Healing Service
- "I just wanted to share what happened yesterday when you prayed for me. I came up for healing in my stomach. When you prayed I started to feel like a liquid warmth that I can't really explain and I could not stay standing up. I feel like I went down in slow motion. That feeling went from my head (where you placed your hand) to my stomach. I know I got a supernatural touch from God and I am healed."   - Mary Lou G. 
- "Joni prayed for my kneed on Sunday. They haven't clicked or hurt since then!!!"   - Lori C.
- "I've had a back problem for 2 years. It hurts all the time. On HFC Healing Service, I was sitting in my chair. As Joni was preaching, my upper back started to vibrate, burn hot, and tingle. After about 30 seconds of this feeling all the pain was gone. Before this, my pain level was a 10, but after, 0 pain!"   - Olivia A.
- "Praise the Lord!!! My knees are healed. On Sunday, Joni laid hands and prayed, and I have no pain in my knees! Thank you Jesus!!"   - Jackie M.
- "I had a torn meniscus in my knee. It was very painful and I had pain on Sunday. At the healing service, Joni prayed for my knee and it was healed. And I've been sleeping without any pain."   - Denise J.

Dec 2018, HFC
- "Thank you for last night's message [on 'the anointing']. It was so powerful it brought me to tears. And as we were praying and worshiping at the end, I felt as if my feet were lifted up and I was standing on air. I even had to look down and see if I was on the ground. And I asked the Lord, 'What does this mean?' And He said, 'You need to allow yourself to elevate to the next level. Time to level up.' But I kept thinking about my feet. I asked, 'Why my feet? What is the significance of my feet?' He then said, 'Because you need to not focus on where your feet take you, but concentrate on where My anointing can take you.' Whoa!!"   - Anita O.
-  "I had tweaked my back the week before, enough that I initially lost my ability to stay standing up and wasn't able to get back up. After a few minutes, I returned to normal, but with continued back pain. With some obvious discomfort, I went to ManCamp and seriously aggravated it so much that the pain was unbearable. At Sunday service, Pastor Joni had a word about someone with an injured vertebrae. I just decided this must be for me, so I claimed it and did as instructed. My pain was relieved and all I have is a little soreness! And I was still pain free the next day! I want to give the glory to God for His mercy toward me! Thanks so much Pastor Joni for the leading of the Holy Spirit and your being faithful."    - Daryl C.

Sep 2018, HFC Healing Service
- "Timi [my son] got healed today. He started complaining of a backache again this morning and couldn't touch his toes without wincing in pain. The devil kept reminding me this was exactly what happened a few months ago that landed us in the hospital. But I kept saying No. Affliction will not rise again. Well, after you said we should raise our hand and receive if we had anything [we needed healed], we had him raise his hand and we all believed for his healing. Right after we prayed, we asked him to touch his toes and he was completely pain free and he hasn't been in pain since then. Praise God!"   - Kike O.
- "My legs and feet had been really sore the past couple of weeks from standing a lot at my job. When I walked out of church, I noticed the soreness in my legs and feet were gone."   - Autumn H. 
- One lady reported that her spine felt relieved from the pain and discomfort. She said that it felt so good being in the presence of God and letting Him heal her body. 
- "I have dealt with asthma symptoms off and on throughout my adult life.  It usually comes at times when I cannot control things in my life and then fear sets in. Fear I'm going to lose someone, fear that I will not be taking care of, fear that I will not be able to care for my children. I felt the moment when the sickness came upon me and I let it because I was so focused on trying to control things. I was so fixated on my issues that I let go of my faith shield. I first got a bad cold then asthma symptoms started. This had been going on for 10 months. Sure, I got medicine that "fixed" the problem, but I had to take it daily. Because of all the teaching here at Houston Faith Church, I knew I didn't have to live like this. I recognized that I was dealing with the spirit of fear.  So I finally let go and gave God entrance into my life. I started to stand on Phil 4:19, that MY God will supply all my needs according to His riches and glory.  And started saying I am a giver, I love to praise God, I know God loves me, He wants to take care of me and is able do it! When healing service came, I didn't have it in mind to go for healing but Pastor Joni called healing for lungs and I wanted to be healed. She laid hands on me and that spirit of fear manifested and left!! Praise God! I was so happy, I knew I was free!"  - Zelina C.

Aug 2018, Kenya 
- A lady had 3 girls, and always wanted a boy, but had her tubes tied. Joni prophesied by word of knowledge that she wanted a baby boy, and told her that she would have one. She went instantly to her friend and wondered how this could be since her tubes were tied. Her friend told her to believe the prophet! Witihin one month, she was pregrant and then had a baby boy. 
- A lady had a doctor's report showing 2 cysts on her uterus, she was told that the situation looked tough, and that the cysts were growing bigger and bigger and that she needed an operation as quickly as possible. She refused an operation, took the results and burned them instead, while praying in tongues. For 4 years, she held on to God's healing power by reading, meditating, praying, and fasting. Then she came to the meetings. After Joni ministered to her, she left the meeting and immediately went back to the doctor for another ultrasound. The second ultrasound showed NO cysts! She reported, "The lab attendant did his work thoroughly and in his face there was unbelief. He gave me the results to take to the Doctor in order to interpret. The doctor didn't believe what had happened. He said that there were no cysts, no fibroids, and everything was fine! He thought I had been operated on, but the Lord healed me!" She brought both ultrasounds to the meeting. 
- A lady lost something valuable, and thought it to be stolen. She looked everywhere for it, and asked all the neighbors. She came to the meetings feeling bothered and disturbed. The Lord touched her heart in a move of peace. When she returned hom, she found the missing item right at her front door.
- Ann had swelling and a growth with severe pain for more than 10 years. She came up for prayer and the next morning the arthritis was gone and so was the growth and pain. 
- People healed from: pain in ribs, growth in chest, sore throat for weeks, severe coughing, recurring headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain.
- One lady said, "[Joni] ushered me into my first direct encounter with God. It was so surreal I could feel my body leave the ground and she knew exactly what was going on. She held my hand and said don't be scared...whatever you see right now is how God is going to eleveate you..."
- "One of our lady leaders had a tennis sized tumor near her breast, praise God it disappeared!" - from the Pastor of the church

Eliminate the Fear Factor Book Testimonies 
(available at:
- A woman brought her sister to P Joni for help with severe fear. P Joni ministered to and prayed for her, and then gave her a copy of the Fear book and CD series to solidfy her deliverance after she left. Then P Joni received this text: "Wanted to let you know that I saw my sister yesterday and God has taken away all her fears. I was a wonderful feeling to see her on fire for God as never before! I'm thankful that she realizes where her help came from."
- "God is setting me free through your book and His Almighty Word! This morning, I got a picture of me boldly walking up to the table of Christ, taking my seat and partaking of everything there, and I didn't have to ask for anyone's permission. I kept saying, 'I got a right!' All the money in the world nor anything else could buy or replace what I am experiencing now." 
- "Thank you for writing this is having a profound effect on me. This book is so revealing and thought-provoking. I don't think there has been a time when I have read it that I have not felt the presence and anointing of the Holy spirit has soared through the roof while reading the revelation truths of God's Word in your book...This book is very precious to me and years from now, I want to be able to look back on it and remember the beginning of my emancipation from fear."
- "I've shared how your Fear series has blessed me but I had no idea how much [my son] would also be blessed by it! At the young age of 10 he has decided that fear has no place in his life! He had picked up a tremendous fear of bugs from another family member who also runs at the sight of them. He is proud to say that he no longer is afraid of bugs, no longer bothered by 'shadows of things in the dark', and is overall less anxious about things. A couple of days ago he walked outside with his dog and a German Shepherd was loose and ran up to them. He immediately said, 'I plead the blood of Jesus over me and Teddy,' and he became full of confidence and the other dog walked he put it, 'Because mom the blood of Jesus has power!'"
- "Yesterday at work our auditor came to check out our work center. I'm not in charge of it, but I'm pretty much the only one who maintains it. In the past, I've been anxious about the audit, but this time I realized I was at peace, all stress about it. I was happy to see how I'd overcome anxiety in this area. Growing in God!"

Feb 2018, HFC  
- "Since August of last year, I suffered with a horrible rash behind both ears...the pain and itching were pretty much constant and I was only able to sleep a couple hours at a time during the night. The doctor could not give me a reason for the rash...the only thing that helped were steroids but you can't take those forever. P Joni prayed and then told me to count to three and grab her hands. I did, and fell back in the Spirit. It was so peaceful laying there. I thought I'm gonna just float in this river until God tells me to get up. Now, my rash is completely gone, gone, gone! Thank you Jesus!" - D.E.
- "Sunday morning, I had pain in my lower back, legs, and knees. During Praise & Worship, I went up to dance in the River. The pain in my back was gone when I went back to my seat! Then I was having pain & tingling in my legs and right knee. P Joni made an altar call for some who were having tingling in their bodies. I went up...I felt the river flowing, such joy, and the love of Jesus! The pain and tingling left my body, legs, and knee!" - J.M.
- "I received a double blessing at the recent Healing Service. When P Joni said, 'The Lord is here', I kept envisioning Jesus walking to and fro at the altar. And when she ministered on Ezekiel 47 about the rising waters representing God's increasing anointing, I kep envisioning His anointing flowing like high water down the aisles. Sitting there in the service, the Lord's presence and anointing were so real to me. I believed I had already received healing for my right knee at my seat, so I didn't readily come down to the altar at P Joni's invitation. But because the presence of the Lord was so thick, I finally went down...and boy am I glad I did. Otherwise, I would have truly missed out. After P Joni prayed for my knee's healing, I felt a spiritual release and went down to the floor where I laid under the Lord's anointing. When I got up, I turned to go back to my seat, but quickly realized I could not. The Lord had something more for me. While I stood tarrying at the altar, the presence of the Lord consumed me, bowing me from my knees. As the tears flowed from my eyes, I repeatedly thanked Jesus until eventually falling to me knees. It was so glorious and I was so happy, because I hadn't been touched like that by the Lord in a very long time." - S.T.
- "I had a bad pain in my neck and I couldn't tilt my head back because of the pain and stiffness. All my neck pain left, I can now move my neck and tilt my head freely! Now, 2 weeks later, and still healed!" - A.O.
- Joni had a word of knowledge about ears, and had those with ear problems stand. Corporately, she released God's healing power. Then Denise testified, "I had to let you know I received my hearing last Sunday in my right ear. PTL!"

Jan 2018, Houston, TX - "I wanted to let you know that my friend you prayed for last night received healing! And today she said the salvation prayer!" - Brianna M. 

Jan 2018, Trinidad 
- Joni ministered to a lady that had a severe fear of fire due to a trauma that occured 40 years prior. The next night, the lady testified that she was free of that fear and had proved her deliverance by lighting match after match!
- Joni ministered healing and these healings took place instantly: pain knee, arthritis & pain in the fingers, burning in stomach, clearing of lungs, and acid reflux. 

Nov 2017, Arequipa, Peru 
- Reported healings: shoulders (1 man & 1 lady), backs (1 woman & 1 man), lady's leg grew & no more limping or back pain, 1 lady's elbow, 1 lady's knee & she could bend it freely & without pain.
- When getting ready for the meeting, Joni heard the word "tingling" in her spirit. While ministering healing, an older woman in the healing line said she had tingling in her legs. After the meeting, she came up, jumping up and down, saying she was healed and all the tingling was gone.

Oct 2017, Durban, So Africa - Joni had a word of knowledge about certain areas of pain; 4 people came forward and were instantly healed. At another service, a man came forward with large growth protruding on his left shoulder; it completely dissolved & disappeared as Joni ministered to him using the name of Jesus.

Oct 2017, Houston, TX 
- "For 2 years I've had a lot of pain in my right shoulder. The pain would keep me awake at night. I finally decided to go to the doctor and he diagnosed me with tendonitis and gave me pills to take for a month. They did not work so the next Sunday I asked P Joni if she would pray for me after the service, which she did. The pain left and I am still pain free even after using my arm more than I ever have before while helping remodel a home. Glory to God!" - David E.
- "Just wanted to let you know that on Sunday I had a really bad headache that morning with pain in my shoulders and neck. You prayed for shoulders...when I was in front for prayer, I felt a warmth in my neck and shoulders and once you laid hands on me, the pain went away. Thank you Jesus." - Iris
- At church for cleaning, Patty asked P Joni to pray for pain in her wrist joints and soreness in her shoulder. P Joni prayed, and the next morning Patty reported all the pain was gone!

Sep 2017, Houston, TX - A church member sent a phone recording of pst Joni praying at the 09/17 Women of Faith meeting to a friend. The friend responded 9/26/17: "I wanted to tell you that the recording you sent from pst Joni was medicine to my body. I feel like a new woman...I don't hurt...I have energy! I praised God all day yesterday and every time I thought about how good I felt after a month of pain! I cried tears of joy! Thank you for your prayers and obedience to send that recording."

Summer 2017, Belize - During a week of ministry, the following healing took place: 3 people healed of arthritis; 15 people in a healing line got instant results of various ailments; 1 person healed of itching & allergies; 1 lady's knee was healed as sitting in the chair at Joni's meeting. 

May 2017, message in response to Facebook video - "During prayer at the end of this video, I received a powerful touch of the Holy Ghost for healing in my back and nech from a car accident. Glory to Jesus. Thank you for praying and testifying!" - M.S. 

April 2017, Houston, TX - I ministered to a lady at the HFC healing meeting and this is her testimony the following day:  "I am HEALED! I'M SO EXCITED!!! I had been struggling with very serious gut health issues for about 4 months, and it was so debilitating that I couldn't even work. Other than testing, I was not able to get much help from the medical community. I began standing on God's promises and proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness over my life, and my healing manifested at church yesterday. I had hardly been able to eat much of anything, and I lost about 20 lbs and 2 pant sizes. After church, I went out and had a baked salmon role with lots of extra wasabi. I had dinner too. I'm happy to report I can now digest food without getting sick. Thank you, Jesus! Healing is real and it is for all who believe. Thank you, Pastors Chas and Joni Stevenson for teaching on healing and creating a church atmosphere where healing is the norm." - ED.

April 2017, Mexicali, Mexico - In service I had a word of knowledge regarding pain from accidents. This man came forward with pain in both of his knees (level 10 pain). He said he had been prayed for many times and was still wanting his healing. I told him we didn't need to wait, that I would use the Name of Jesus and Jesus would heal him now. He wasn't sure, but I was. Sure enough, the pain left and his knees were healed. He came rejoicing & testifying to me on Sunday morning. He said he felt great! He didn't need any pain medicationi which he used to take every morning. And he was smiling from ear to ear! This was only one of the healings this weekend. GLORY to GOD!

Mar 2017, 2nd Monday meeting, Houston, TX - At a meeting, I was laying hands - imparting and prophesying. But when I stepped in front of this lady, the Spirit of God prompted me to ask her if she needed healing in her body. She said, 'Yes'. I asked her what for, and she said, "A lot, my whole body", and then specifically mentioned asthma. I told her that the Lord would heal her and I put my hands on her and commanded her to be healed in Jesus Name. Then I asked her, "Do you believe you are healed"? And I could see she didn't. I said with the authority of God, "You are healed in the Name of Jesus". I went on ministering to the other people. Two weeks later, her testimony: She was healed! "Since then, I am completely breathing more deeply than ever. All the asthma is gone. And it's affecting my full respiration and circulatory systems, my mind, and all of me. You knew I needed to have that deep belief, that faith. And you gave me that faith."

Mar 2017, HFC Healing Service- An HFC member came to church with a stomach virus; she hadn't been able to eat for 3 days, and felt nauseaous and fatigued. During Healing Service, she received her healing - all of the pain left! And even better...she was able to eat Mexican food after church! :) 

Jan 2017, Fear Testimony- "I had been battling with fear ever since my divorce...until I listened to the [Eliminate the Fear Factor] has been life changing, and truly set me free! I thank God I found ya'll! It's been a hunt for sure! Home at last!" 

Oct 2016, Arequipa, Peru
- A pastor came up in the healing line. She had extreme pain in her back, which had been there for some time. It was difficult to stand and to lift or carry things due to pain. After the meeting she testified that she had been healed - ALL the back pain was gone! And she was doing things - like lifting, carrying items - to demonstrate that she was free of pain. 
- Testimony reported from Nov 2015 trip: After service, a mother came to share a testimony from P Joni's previous visit to Arequipa. P Joni ministered healing to her daughter and she was HEALED from an 'incurable kidney disease'!

April 2016, HFC Women's Conference - "I am thankful for the prayers you said over me at the Women's Conference, I really feel at peace and at ease in my heart and I can also see my health improve. I had suffered from an autoimmune disease where my skin began to break out with hives and severe itching for no reason. And the only relief I got was with anti-allergy drugs which sometimes do not work. I just suffered through the pain till my skin bled. I had prayed on my way to the conference that as soon as you touched me I would receive my healing, and I did! I have been free from hives since I left the conference, I have not had to use allergy drugs and I am completely healed from the autoimmune attack on my skin. Praise God!"

Mar 2016, HFC Healing Service 
- "My back was hurting so bad that I almost didn't go to church. At the end of service, Pastors called people up for prayer. I almost didn't go up, but as clear as a bell I heard, "Do you want your back healed or not?" I thought it would be wise to listen. So I went up, was prayed for, and once I was back in my seat I realized that the burning pain in my spine was gone! My hip pain was gone! I went to bed that night and got out of bed the next morning with no pain! I did my happy dance, and have been thanking God every day since. I realize that God needed me to get out of my comfort zone."
- Alison was healed of back pain, and man was healed of diabetes

Nov 2015, Arequipa, Peru
- "I made a call as it came from my heart. 'There is someone here who knows they have 1 leg shorter than the other and you have back problems as a result. Please come up.' 1 lady came to the was apparent that her left leg was at least 2 full inches shorter than the other. I commanded her leg to grow in Jesus Name. And it did! The woman looked as though in shock...she said all her back pain was gone. The next night she testified that when she went to her regularly scheduled therapy session the following day, the doctor said it was a miracle and that no more therapy was needed."
- Several instant healings: a girl with a headache, a lady with shoulder pain, a lady with pain in her entire body, a lady with hip pain
- Since the age of 12, a lady couldn't see far away due to disease, and wore glasses. P Joni took off her glasses, prayed, and then held something up for her to read. She saw and read partially. P Joni prayed again, then she saw and read fully...her eyes and sight were healed!
- Some of the worship team had sore throats and trouble singing, but had pressed through to go to the meeting anyways. As P Joni got up to minister, she sensed to sing and worship the Lord. As she did, the Spirit of the Lord began to move. She called the worship team up on stage, continuing to worship and began to sing prophetically about the Blood of Jesus. At some point, she had the members of the team who'd had the sore throats to check them...and both were healed.

Oct 2015, HFC Member Healing Testimony - "My husband and I had been praying and confessing healing scriptures over some suspicious moles on my body. However, in September, I finally decided to follow the doctor's recommendation to see a dermatologist. But I was not able to get an appointment until November...Sunday morning during communion, Pastor Joni prayed for the Body of Christ to receive all that Jesus purchased for us with His blood on the cross. She said as we drank the cup prepresenting Jesus' blood, to "receive our healing". With all my heart, I received Jesus' blood over my heart, sprinkled over my conscience, and His complete salvation throughout my body. After service, one of the moles flaked off the side of my face. Later that evening, the mole that was on my hip was completely gone without a raw spot or scar. My skin is smooth and I am healed in Jesus' Name!

July 2015, SM Healing School Testimony "Last Monday at Healing School, something awesome happened in my biggest 'fight of faith' had been believing the healing power of God working in my own body. During Healing School, P Joni said that there is a 'drop in the spirit' (things going from head knowledge to heart revelation), and I noticed my heartburn went away! ...The heartburn tried to come back on several occassions but all I did was say 'NO!!', and it went away almost immediately. Praise the Lord!"  

June 2015, Healing Testimony Mary Lou had been having several nose bleeds a day for several days. She came to a Wednesday service and her nose started bleeding as she was asking for prayer. P Joni prayed and it stopped immediately, and she hasn't had any nosebleeds since then. Praise the Lord!

May 2015, Healing Service Testimony During ministry at Healing Service, a lady told P Joni she had scoliosis. P Joni asked her to sit in a chair with both hips evenly against the back of the chair. It was evident that one leg was shorter than the other (by about an inch). P Joni commanded her leg to grow in Jesus' Name and the church people watched as it did. Her leg grew about an inch! And then P Joni commanded her spine, back, and hips to be straight and healed.

May 2015, Women of Faith Retreat - Healing Testimony A lady came up for prayer as she was in a lot of pain from a bone protruding in her jaw. She had an appointment to see the dentist next week. P Joni prayed for her and then said, 'Let's rejoice together that it's healed!' They did, and she was - HEALED! All the pain left. The next day she happily testified at church that she was healed. And the next week the doctor said, 'What bone?' because he couldn't find any problem!

April 2015, Houston Faith Church - Healing Testimonies
- After P Joni ministered to a woman, she touched her stomach and noticed that a knot/tumor was gone. It disappeared!
- A man had fallen down some stairs and broken a rib, and it was very painful. He came forward for healing. P Joni ministered to him and then told him to twist. The first few times were painful, but the next few weren't as painful. P Joni told him the power was released and the manifestation would come. Within a short time, all the pain was gone and the rib was healed.

April 2015, Cheboksary & Moscow, Russia
- Lots of pain left: back pain left from the intercessor; one of church leaders had joints that had been hurting for a week and that pain left; man no longer had pain in kidney or neck; woman had terrible pain in her back - it left; oriental girl had terrible pain in her back - it all left; woman had pain in her knees and couldn't bend - it all left and then she could run fast 
- Galina had swelling in the leg and limped when walked - after ministry, had no pain, could do knee bends and could sleep
- Woman with arthritis was totally healed - she could now walk easily on stairs
- 4 year old girl with recurring severe issues with her ears - was totally healed
- Parents said their baby was very irritable and couldn't get to sleep, hadn't slept for more than an hour at a time since birth. P Joni prayed, rebuked, and commanded peace of God on child. The next day they testified that the baby was happy, went right to sleep, and slept all night!
- Report: youth meeting after P Joni left was 'on fire', lots of dancing and shouting, and couldn't stop...they said they "want to keep it".
- Reports from Oct. 2013 visit: little girl who was losing her eyesight was healed and her eyes have worked perfect since then; P Joni got to meet a miracle baby that was born to a couple who hadn't been able to concieve prior to receiving prayer during P Joni's last visit
- In Moscow, many testimonies as to the moving of the Holy Spirit: "Thank you for coming, we have been asking for a Holy Spirit move, and here you are and He is moving"; person reported that they had "never experienced the Holy Spirit in that way"
- 3 healings reported: somebody with neck and knee problem was totally healed; lady with a neck injury for 25 years was healed and all pain left when P Joni prayed (she forgave those that caused the injury)

Feb 2015, Houston Faith Church - Miracle Testimony - During a Wed. night service, there was a message preached on miracles. At the end of service, Joni had a word of knowledge for miracle cars. People that needed cars came forward. Within one week, five people received cars! Thank God for His miracle-working power that brings provision!!!

Jan 2015, Houston Faith Church - Member Testimony - “I asked Pastor Joni to pray over my heart after the Jan. 25th Women of Faith Meeting had dismissed.  I had been feeling my heart not beating correctly with a ‘flopping’ and/or ‘quivering’ sensation recently.  I had been standing on the Word and confessing it over my heart, but wanted my Pastor to address it in the spirit with me.  Thank you Lord, I have not had any symptoms with my heartbeat since she prayed for me over a week ago! PTL” 

Jan 2015 Peru
- over 100 people filled with the Spirit; 15 salvations
- Lots of healings: corporate healings of backs & stomachs; lady had head, chest, & neck pain leave instantly; man had his kidneys healed instantly; word of knowledge about stomach pain that left; back pain disappeared; one girl's leg grew 1/2"!; man with hearing aid had his hearing restored; 3 cancer patients were touched by the healing power, they were on the floor for 30 minutes; a man's shoulder ligament was healed and afterward, he could lift it above his head; a pastor's tricep was healed and afterward he could extend it.
- A young lady was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and had constant pain, even when she was on medications. P Joni ministered healing power and sensed the full effect would take a few days. P Joni told her to confess 'healing power is at work in my body affecting a cure' for three days and she'd be healed and see results by the end of that time. Approx. ten days later, she testified that she was totally healed, all the pain was gone, and she felt great. And, she got revelation of the power of her words and began speaking God's words over herself.
- Lots of prophecies; fresh infilling for the church (they testified that they could feel the fire present)
- testified that presence of God was so strong, powerful, and perfect
- Received this message in Aug. 2015: "P Joni, I wanted to share with you the beautiful news that my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby that we'll call Matthew Samuel. You made a prayer for us in January, after the doctor told us that we could not have children easily and that we should submit to special treatments. After the day you prayed for a baby, we could conceive a beautiful baby without having to submit to medical treatment. Now I am 29 weeks pregnant and the baby is healthy. We call it our miracle and we want to thank God!" - Gaby
- Testimonies received upon P Joni's return visit in Nov. 2015: Lady had fibroid tumore that bothered her in both breasts, but after prayer the tumors disappeared and were still gone 10 months later; man responded to altar call for skin issues - after ministry, his face totally cleared up; lady came in response to altar call for miracles - she was diagnosed with dead ovaries and her hudband was sterile - after ministry, she was able to concieve and she had a baby; a lady was completely healed of lupus; a man had hearing problems in both his ears, his wife came and received prayer for him and both his ears were healed.

Jan 2015, Houston Faith Church - Member Testimony - "I asked God for a country home with four bedrooms during a Tuesday morning prayer meeting a while back. Pastor Joni felt we needed to ask God for something specific that was on our heart and He was going to give it to us. When Pastor Joni got to me, I said, 'A country home'. Then she asked me, 'How many bedrooms?'. I said, 'Four'. God has given us a country home with four bedrooms; we move in at the end of January.

November 2014, Houston Faith Church - Healing Testimonies
- We got into a place of the Spirit corporately in p&w. P Joni, by the Spirit, said, "Some people are getting healed right now." She told them to put their hand on the place their body needed healing and to just receive...
- Tammy said she touched the area of pain on her body and the pain left. The pain was still gone when she got home.
- Melanie had stiffness in her body. In her chair, the Holy Spirit 'came on her' and she began to feel her body get loose. The stiffness melted away and all week she got better and better. 
- Janie had not been able to walk without a walker for over 1 year. She came up at the end for ministry. The following Sunday, she came to church without her walker and testified!
- Edna had noticed for months that she had pain when she would sit a certain way. During preaching of the Healing Service, she purposed that she was getting healed for that. She was called up to pray for others. That evening, as she was sitting on her sofa at home, she realized she didn't have any more pain! 

November 2014 
- Baytown church meeting: 1 young guy had an ACL tear in his knee healed. His mom reported "God healed my son last night with an injury he had for about 6 months, which the doctors wanted him to have surgery for. Can I say he does NOT need surgery!!! To God be the glory!!! This child of mine has been running up and down the stairs. He even ran last night at the church because of the healing the Lord gave him". He was also baptized in the Holy Spirit. 
- Houston meeting: Rev. Joni had a word of knowledge, and somebody was totally healed of a 14-year old shoulder injury, which doctors reported was not repairable.

August 2014, Houston Faith Church - Healing Testimonies  
- Jay T. - P Joni had word of knowledge about tingling in extremities (hands or feet); tingling in hand stopped
- Rosemary E. - P Joni had word of knowledge about pain in eye; afterward, eye was much better, pain left, and it looked better
- David J. - re: pain in eye; by time he got back to his chair, all the pain in eye was gone... was still gone on Monday when he woke up
- Laua - had pain in knee; afterward had no pain and was able to bend and lift knees easily

August 2014, Kakamega, Kenya
- 18 Baptisms of Holy Ghost
- Franco, the taxi driver from Nairobi airport got saved
- Mama Tim had been in severe pain - from a problem with her spine and also soreness from planting season (possible arthritis). She came to conference with her pain medications. She said she walked in and felt the presence of God. She was prayed for during Healing Service and was completely healed, she didn't have to take any medications the rest of the week. 
- Dorcas's knees had lots of pain and she couldn't lift them. She shuffled more than she walked. After prayer she was healed - the pain left her knees, and she could lift them. For the rest of the conference, she smiled big and continually showed Pastor Joni that she could lift her knees. 
- Woman's husband had been planting seeds and telling her about being filled with the Spirit and praying in tongues. She hadn't been interested. At the altar she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, had a free flow of tongues, and liked it so much she didn't want to leave the sanctuary (even for a break) during the rest of the conference because she didn't want to miss out on the the Holy Spirit!
- Priscilla, Ruth, and 2 more ladies received prayer for babies!

07/14 Elsa G., Houston Faith Church - Healing Testimony - "After having a routine mammogram done, I got a letter from the hospital to call immediately to schedule further testing because my imaging study showed an area that required further evaluation. They were looking for cancer. Well, my husband and I came to church (HFC) that following Wed night.  Although I didn’t want fear, (bad) thoughts, or worry to come... I was a little scared.  So I asked Pastor Joni to pray for me after the service with my husband at my side.  She asked if I was scared and I said yes. Pastor Joni said that the fear had to be dealt with now. She prayed for whatever (fear) I had to leave, and for me to have focused, disciplined thoughts on the Lord and for a good report on the second mammogram. Well from that moment on, I forgot about the upcoming mammogram and had no fear. If at any time worrying or fear about my second report would come up, or thoughts of cancer, I would thank Jesus for healing me and thank Him for my husband and for Pastor Joni, who love me... and I would pray blessings for them.  One day the thoughts came and it went away as soon as I prayed for them, and I thought this is exactly what Pastor Joni prayed for.  Well, soon after further testing,  I received a letter from the hospital and this is what the letter said, 'Dear Mrs., Your imaging study does not show any evidence of cancer.'  Praise God! Thank You Jesus for the good report!"

07/14 Karina M., Houston Faith Church - "You had an altar call for 'female issues' and I went to the front and you prayed for me. I received my healing and recent tests reveal all is normal. Also, for years I had suffered almost daily from headaches. There was a call for headaches, I responded and I've not had a headache in almost 2 months."

06/14 Iris P., Houston Faith Church - Healing Testimony - "Praise to God! My mom was healed of chronic neck pain when Pastor Joni prayed for her at the healing service in March, 2014. It was her first time to HFC."

June 2014 Peru - Arequipa
- 1 eye opened - lady didn't have vision in 1 eye; as Joni prayed for someone in front of her, she felt her eye itch, so she rubbed it and it opened
- 1 ear fully opened
- 1 ear with diminishing hearing was restored
- Man with leg problems had no feeling except severe pain and could barely walk with a cane. He had a severe blood and vein issue. Prophecy released first to him and his wife. Joni ministered to him and laid hands - felt heat in his legs. By end of the meeting, he had zero pain, was healed, walking and lifting his knees, laughing and crying. 
- Man had been praying for God to send someone to heal him. He was not aware of the church nor the meeting, but was supernaturally led by the Holy Spirit to the meeting while driving. He was healed. Said that Joni was the answer to his prayers.
- Lady had a lump in her breast. After she was home and in bed, she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to check it and the lump was gone! She received her healing while standing with Joni in the anointing. 
- Girl had said day before meeting that she was bottled up and couldn't freely pray in tongues due to childhood trauma. Joni laid hands and she began speaking in tongues. Later she said she felt light, happy, that a burden was gone and she was free. 
- Church that Joni ministered at grew from 120 to 150 people in attendance
- Joni ministered to the Praise and Worship team, laid hands on them, and did a special meeting with them on the spiritual aspect of music ministry. Later, the pastor said they had the best worship ever, it was like a different team, something happened to them.
- Reported in Sept 2014 - Carmen (a member of the church) shared that her daughter couldn't get pregnant, was receiving treatment and still nothing was happening. Carmen came to the healing meeting in place of her daughter because her daughter had to work, to stand in for her and receive the miracle that she needed. When P Joni prayed, Carmen received the miracle for her dauther. And now he daughter is pregnant! There was also another girl that went to the meeting for the same reason and now she is 2 months pregnant! 

05/14 Kenya Testimony - "Just received good testimony about the prohpecy you gave to a lady during the last convention (Aug 2013). You prophesied to her that she will get a baby and God has given her a baby boy called Baraka (blessing)."

04/14 Houston Faith Church - Financial Release - During a service, Pastor Joni spoke during offering about increase, God meeting needs, and ‘suddenlies’. The very next day, an HFC church couple found a check in the mail for $12,000 – monies that were due them several years ago that they’d not received, had ‘written off’ and even forgotten about. Check was for almost the amount they needed to fix the foundation of their home (had already gotten quotes for repair, of $10,000 – $15,000).

03/14 Great Host Ministries, Houston - Joni had a word of knowledge & word of wisdom; the Lord told her not to identify and ask to come up, but just to release the word. It was about someone who underwent a vicious attack from someone close to them - very hurtful & abusive; and although the wounded one had truly forgiven them, there was still a bitter taste in their mouth. This was not an issue of unforgiveness, but an issue that the bitter taste seemed to linger. The Lord said, "Open your mouth and release it, and I'll remove the bitter taste". Later, a minister said that person was her and when she opened her mouth and let it go, not only did the bitter taste leave, but she was healed. She'd had frontal pain (stomach, abdominal) for 3 months that she couldn't get rid of, but in that moment all the pain disappeared and remained so through the rest of the meeting. 

03/14 Patricia K., Houston Faith Church - Freedom from fear & headaches! - "Before I attended HFC I would often get dizzy, lightheaded, fatigued, & headaches that would last 3 days... doctors couldn't tell me what was going on. As a result of my symptoms I started to get really anxious and fearful. Fear got such a hold of me that life became almost unbearable. Around that same time God started prompting me to go to HFC. I finally got the courage one day and made my sister go with me. I started attending HFC regularly, praying, reading my Bible; what a difference that has made in my life! Pastor Joni prayed for me several times for the spirit of fear to leave me...I can honestly say today I know what it's like to live without fear. The torment is gone, I am free from fear! One Sunday morning I felt a headache coming on, but went to church anyways. During praise & worship I asked the Lord to please take the headache away. Then Pastor Joni said, "Someone in here has a headache". She prayed for me and my headaches became less severe and not as often. A short time later I was called up by Pastor Joni to be prayed for for my headaches. After that I don't get thsoe headaches anymore. Praise God!"

02/14 Aglow - Katy - Joni preached on fear. One lady came forward for ministry with regards to anxiety about her young adult kids. The Spirit had Joni minister the peace of God to her. The anointing of peace was powerful and washed over her, reassuring her soul. Later she testified that right after Joni ministered the peace, pain that she had in her neck & shoulder for 3 months disappeared.

1/13/14 Sharon S., Miracle Debt Cancellation - "Joni preached a message titled Faith puts a Demand on the Anointing/Power.  After praying for sick people & seeing healings take place, Joni was prompted by the Spirit to call for those needing a financial miracle & breakthrough.  Then she ministered to those who came forward.
When the call was made, I instantly jumped up and said that's me - I need a financial miracle for debt cancellation on my business credit card debt.  I had been listening to, and meditating, & confessing all year long in 2013 about the word "RELEASE" the Lord gave Joni, which included debt cancellation.  When I went forward, I felt my faith soar and I received my financial breakthrough.  Within 1 week, I received 3 letters from Chase Bank saying they were cancelling all of my business credit card debt of $32,000.  All credit card debt cancelled!  Glory to God."

1/13/14 Healing Service 2nd Monday – Lady with scoliosis, left leg shorter than right by 3/4 inch (she knew it). Joni had her sit on the steps with her hips evenly pressed against the step, and we could see her leg was 3/4 inch shorter. Joni commanded the leg to grow in the Name of Jesus, and her leg grew. As it was growing, she began sayins, "I feel it", "I feel it". And we could see it! Glory to God!

12/26/13 Iris P., Houston Faith Church - Ovaries Healed!!! – "When I first came to this church a month and a half ago, I was in prayer for healing of my ovaries, and had multiple cysts on both ovaries, and I couldn't conceive because of it. I also wanted to feel God’s presence, just like I saw everyone else feel it, so I prayed and prayed.  And when Pastor Joni came to me and prayed over me, all I heard was "Are you ready?", and I was thinking, "Ready?"  As soon as she said that, I felt God’s presence and I could feel His mighty energy through me, and I just thanked Him for that, and for my healing I was receiving at the moment. I could feel the pain in my ovaries leave my body. That was the best day of my life. That was a wonderful experience. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant! And we recently went to do an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, and they told me everything looks good - my ovaries look great and clear.  My husband and I were just amazed at how God answered our prayer. I thank Him everyday for it."

11/1/13 Dallas, TX Great Host Ministries - Joni prophesied to a lady that now is the time for her ministry as she'd been "faithful in another man's field". Later she testified that she'd been asking the Lord as now she was 40 yrs old and had served in others' ministries for 20 years. She specifically said the catch phrase when she worked for Edwin Louis Cole was "be faithful in another man's field" so she knew it to be the Lord when Joni said it.
Oct 2013 Cheboksary, Russia
- 20 baptisms in the Holy Spirit, strong display of power, tangible anointing, strong prophetic flow.
- Lord moved in demonstration - peace, joy, and many healings.
- Irina for 4 years couldn't straighten up (slightly bent over), with much pain and stiffness, testified next day healed
- Lady lost ring at work, Joni had gift of faith and said can get it back. Prayed for angels to help and reversed the time. Lady returned to her seat and the ring was on her chair.
- 1 lady carried disappointments and emotional problems for many years, now she was totally free & happy!
- Ladies reported: "Thanks for giving me my smile back", "Haven't ever felt that happy". 
- 1 lady was healed from gastritis.
- God healed 1 lady's granddaughter. Her 3 year old granddaughter's eyesight was -3 and getting worse. When they went to the doctor, her eyesight was perfect!
- 1 lady had an operation on her heart. They put something into her heart to make it work better. She visited the doctor, and after some tests on her heart, the doctor told her heart was healthy, and there were no signs of any operation!
- Man & his wife couldn't get pregnant for many years. Joni prayed that God would give them a child, and now she is pregnant!
- Another young couple couldn't get pregnant for a whole year after the wedding. And now, after Joni prayed, they are also expecting.
Sept 2013 Peru - Lima, Arequipa, Puno
- 23 Salvations, 14 Baptisms of the Holy Spirit
- After praise & worship in the beginning of a service, a guy testified that his ear opened up during worship. He couldn't hear out of his ear completely, and he said all of a sudden it just popped open. Praise the Lord!
- Joni ministered to a mom with post partum depression (baby always crying & wouldn't sleep). Commanded peace on both. Mom later testified that baby now sleeping & much better, and her depression gone.
- Earthquake hit while Joni was preaching on Authority. Joni commanded it to stop and it instantly did.
- Man delivered of severe nightmares.
- Devil cast out of a 16 yr old girl (came in through wigi board).
- Supernatural lengthening of time during services (translator noticed it and asked). Joni prayed, as she needed longer time to deliver what God wanted.
- Host Pastor accepted Joni as a woman minister (only previously acknowledged Maria Woodworth Etter, Aimee Simple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, Nancy Dufresne, and now Joni). 

Aug 2013 Kakamega, Kenya
- 2 Salvations, 16 Baptisms in the Holy Spirit
- Pauline very timid, could never stand before or speak to people. Boldness came on her and she went out talking to people, telling everyone of Jesus and what He did.
- Pastor of host church said he felt as if his identity had been transformed. He was encouraged, and at a new level. He could sense a powerful anointing present, and he would not be leaving the same. Said the pulpit won't be the same! There is fire in the pulpit. The church has grown and matured, the church body won't be the same. 
- When Joni was preaching, lady felt in her heart something wanted to come out, she felt like jumping. She was SET FREE from spirit of depression. Now she feels like she can teach, preach, and pray!
- Pastor from visiting church called after impartation service and said, "What did you give the women?? They are singing, rejoicing, dancing, on FIRE! What happened? They are changed!"
- Mama Florence and sister Alice felt the building shake!! Fire fell, people fell out on floor, a couple of people ran out of the building. 
- Joni saw into the gospel call of an 8 yr old boy: visionary, and Kingdom shaker that will impact Kenya.
- Joni had word of prophecy for 1 lady preacher, Susan - "righteousness, Lord uses as a plumb line". Testimony after: plumb line is lady's secret word and call with the Lord. 
- 2 months later (Oct 2013) - Pastor Paul said the church was still on fire and forever changed, the church had doubled in size! As of Aug 2014, the church has more than tripled in size!
- Reports from 1 year later:
       - By word of knowledge Pastor Joni said, 'You want a baby boy, don't you?'. Lady said, 'Yes!'. P Joni laid hands and within weeks she conceived. At the conference in 2014 we met the new baby boy (named Barak - meaning Blessing)!
       - Young man had been prophesied to blessings and increase in his finances. 3 days later he received an interview for a job as a manager of a large company. Since then, he has had huge blessings and financial increase. 
       - Felistas reported after the 2013 conference, "I have never been the same since!"
       - Woman who responded to altar call for forgiveness reported that within 2-3 weeks, her family relations were restored - they were finally back together with peace and joy in their home for the first time in 15 years. 

Aaron K. - "During one Sunday service, Pastor Joni said, "Someone is here with a pain in their shoulder."  She asked whose shoulder was hurting and I came forward. She prayed over me and told me to raise my arm up over my head. When I did she grabbed my arm and pulled it up sharply while praying and commanding my shoulder to be healed in the name of Jesus. All the pain left.  And it's been over a year now and my shoulder is still fine."

07/13 Houston Faith Church - Joni prophesied to couple (reaping off previous harvest). 2 months later, they testified that after that word, during their stay in US, it happened exactly like Joni prophesied.

July 2013 Grand Goave, Haiti
- 117 Salvations, 240 Baptisms in the Holy Spirit, 106 confirmed healings, 237 delivered from devils (more in crowd)
- Joni called out for words of knowledge for healing: a "blood issue" & 1 lady was healed; "pain in the foot" & 2 men were healed; "heart issues" & 2 men were healed.
- Male ministers said about Joni that she was, "not preaching like any woman they had heard before".
- Joni had a word of knowledge and knew God wanted to minister healing to someone who couldn't have a baby and wanted one, and 1 lady's womb was opened.
- Joni saw 1 of orphanage teens limping. She kept telling him God would heal him. About the 3rd or 4th time, he rolled up his pants and had her lay hands on his knee. He was healed and walked normal the rest of the time.

06/30/13 HFC Healing Service
- Man brought his mother in with stage 3/4 cancer. Pastor Chas and Pastor Joni ministered to her. In August this report came in: "Just got news from my mother that today her test results at MD Anderson show all cancer is gone! From stage 3/4 to none!! HEALED - PTL!"

03/24/13 HFC Healing Service
- Man testified that 1yr 5mths ago, Joni called for people who wanted to be free of smoking. He came forward and got delivered... and he's been smoke free ever since!
- Joni ministered to lady with arthritis in hips and back, was currently in pain. All pain departed and she bagan moving... fell under the power. When got up, she was totally healed.
- Pastor Chas & Pastor Joni ministered to a lady, Charlize, with a debilitating disease that caused partial paralysis. She came in on a walker, her hands were lame, problems moving her arms, and a partially closed eye. After several times of hands laid & spirits rebuked, she was delivered and healed. Her entire countenance changed, and she could lift her arm over her head, she could clutch her hands, her eye was opened, and she no longer needed a walker!!
- Joni called for those the devil was telling them they had cancer (no doctor report). Lady came up, had something on her skin for 3 weeks and had been fearing it was cancer. She was prayed for and the next day, the thing fell off, it was completely gone.

3/13 HFC WOF Retreat  - Joni had word of knowledge about pain in toe: Luwanna D. came forward, instantly healed of toe problem/pain since surgery 21 years ago.

Testimonies from preaching "RELEASE" in Jan 2013 (word of the Lord) 
– (w/in 4 days) Lady received new permanent benefit of extra week of vacation from company; had asked several times previous year, but told no as was only available to people with 10 yrs of service (her service was only 5 years). Suddenly, favor & vacation released, just showed up in her vacation account 
- (w/in 3 days) Large settlement granted and monies relesaed, lady picked up her settlement check
- (w/in 4 days) College tuition bill due $1900, went to pay, school said we 'decided to reduce it', only owed $150 (favor). Debt reduction!
- (w/in 5 days) Couple spent 4 years working with bank regarding houst mortgage - struggle, no progress, no results. 2013 entered into 5th year - suddenly, bank called: debt cancellation of $62,000
- (w/in 5 days) Back royalty money released - $31,750 check received
- (w/in 7 days) $800 of college tuition debt reduced!
- Oil & Gas royalties received. Been wrestling for just over a year with the bureaucracy of an oil & gas company concerning royalties due. Pastor Joni prayed around noon and at 3:01 pm, couple received e-mail from oil company saying a catch-up royalty check for over $10,000 would be sent, and that couple would now receive monthly income. Few weeks later, company called back and said mis-calculated his percentage, couple would receive another check for an additonal $8,000!
- Lady received monies borrowed over 10 years ago
- Man received $10,000 of legal fees debt forgiven, received free!
- Couple recevied release of $2,000 check (previously promised then later denied) to cover home closing costs
- Child court case settled in man's favor; attorney said it was a miracle!

End of Dec 2012 - Testimony reported by a couple from Houston Faith Church: "Over a 5 week period: 1) A business debt to called and told me he was forgiving the debt, not to worry about paying it back; it was $6,000. 2) Another man I owed a business debt to said the same thing, he said 'I want to bless you, do not pay me back, you are released.' It was $375. 3) Then UPS delivered an overnight letter to our home from Citibank, the letter inside stated the bank was forgiving our second mortgage debt, totallt, they would report it to the credit reporting agencies as paid in full with a $0 balance, not to send them another payment, and the lien was released, it was $19,365.32. *A total of $25,740.32 of debt was forgiven in 5 weeks time!

11/13/12 Women's Aglow N Hou. - Laid hands and ministered to a lady to be free of fear. After the ministry, her back was healed too!

10/11/12 Women's Aglow Nasa - 1 lady healed of congestion and knee problem.  Knee was so painful, she couldn’t walk without a severe limp.  Congestion left and breathing was normal.  Knee was totally healed, she could walk properly and even bend it!

9/15-16/12 Dallas TX (Conference - Open Heaven) 
- 1 lady baptized in the Spirit, spoke in tongues.
- 1 lady got "full flow" of tongues, fullness of prayer language.
- 1 girl had arthritis in her hand healed. Had pain when she came for prayer and usually very bad in the morning. Pain left. Next day woke up, and no pain!
- 1 older lady had no cartilage in both knees, was healed. Stiff kneed and hurt to bend, pain when came for prayer, not able to walk up stairs. Pain left, knees able to bend; went home and ran up and down stairs several times.
- 1 guy with neck pain and popping in ankle from old injury healed. Both pain and popping when came for prayer. Pain left and popping stopped. 
- 1 lady from Florida came from hospital (pneumonia & other ailments) totally healed. Next day still well, "felt great", and as she did what was instructed in the preaching, Holy Spirit revealed to her meds were not helping and she is now medicine free.
- Prayed for several other people, had instant manifestation of healing.
- 2nd night deep, sharp flow of prophecy with words of knowledge and words of wisdom. People ministered to by the Spirit, with divine impartation.

Aug 2012 at Houston Faith Church  -    Lady was dealing with a soul issue (wounded heart in relationship).  Joni prayed for her – her soul to be free, and her broken heart to be healed and restored.  A month later the lady testified, that when Joni prayed for her, not only was her soul restored, but she was healed of artithritis also.  She had had arthritis for ~40 years and took medications for it every day.  A week or so after the prayer, she realized the arthritis medications were making her "feel funny", AND that she didn’t have any pain, stiffness, or swelling in her joints.  She instantly stopped taking the medications and has not had any arthritic symptoms in over a month!  God healed her soul, and her body too! 

7/27/12 Great Host Ministries, Houston
- Young girl came forward for healing. Word of knowledge & prophecy came forth - "You will have children. The report is a lie from the pit of hell that you won't have children. Someone is telling you that you won't have children, but God says you will". Gift of faith came on Joni and she declared the young girl's womb open. Then Joni saw in the Spirit the girl's children and told her so. She didn't say numbers or genders, but that she had more than one. After meeting, Joni found out she had just come from the doctor's office, where she had received the report that she would not ever be able to have children. 
- Joni has a word of knowledge about someone with female problems. Joni prayed and ministered to her. At the next meeting in Jan 2013, lady testified that she had come forward when the word was given. She had an "issue of blood" for more than 3 years at that time, and was instantly heald that day and was still well 6 months later.
Haiti 6/14-21/12
- Demon possessed boy (~15 yrs old) totally delivered, restored to his right mind
- 2 1/2 yr old baby girl with high fever for several days; fever rebuked and all fever left
- 81 yr old woman healed of kidney ailment
- 1 baptism in the Holy Spirit
6/9/12 Destined to Reign – Women’s Conference
- Word of knowledge about arthritis – 12 ladies came forward; 11 had instant results of pain leaving
- Several ladies delivered from fear
Josie S. - "When I woke up one morning I had really bad ringing and echoing in my ear. And when people would talk to me it would echo very badly in my ear. I asked Pastor Joni to pray over my ear in the church hall. It was amazing, she just prayed for me and my ear was instantly healed and it never happened again."

5/6/12 Mary Lou G. – Had very bad headaches and had been feeling bad. Had been considering that maybe something was really wrong and maybe she should go to doctor. But that Sunday morning, she decided “no doctor, God would heal her as He’d done it before”. Pastor Joni called out (word of knowledge) those with headaches, she came forward and Pastor Joni prayed for her. Headaches instantly left and she’s felt great all week.
5/6/12 Ginny S. – Testified that several weeks prior Pastor Joni had called out those with a broken heart. During the previous weeks, she had been very sad and recognizing that she had some issues in her heart. So when that word came, she said I’m going forward. She testified that no lightenening bolts or anything spectacular happened when Pastor Joni laid hands on her. But glory to God, she recognized the following week, that she was happy, all the broken was gone, and she was totally restored. And she’s been good ever since.
5/6/12 Aaron K – Testified that he had allergies very bad for couple of weeks, was missing work and church. His wife, Rose, came to Tues Corporate Prayer. Pastor Joni came to prayer that morning and felt that we should pray for specific needs to those at prayer that day. Rose asked for healing prayer for Aaron. The pastors prayed with group support. When Rose went home, Aaron told her that about 1/2 halfway through the prayer hour, at his house he began to feel better and he was totally well by the time she got home. Glory to God – he was healed.
4/29/12 Ashley M. – Pastor Joni asked to pray for those who were self-employed, owned own business. Ashley had recently thought to lay aside her pursuit of her photography business. When Pastor Joni laid hands on her and begin to speak, God actually spoke to her and gave her specific instructions. Now she is on the right track!
Betty B - 5/29/12: 2 weeks prior during Tues Corporate Prayer, we prayed for the attendees request. Betty’s husband had an emergency surgery several months back and has had some issues in recovery – mainly loss of strength and problems with food intake and necessary weight gain. Betty’s request on 5/15 was that her husband gain strength and weight. Pastor Joni held a prayer cloth in her hands and began to pray as requested. After the prayer, Pastor Joni gave the cloth to Betty and asked her to place it somewhere her husband would have contact with it (bed, clothes, etc). Betty placed the prayer cloth daily in his pants pocket. Now 2 weeks later, Betty testified that her husband has gained strength, displayed in his walking longer distances and in length of time, and he gained 9.4 lbs in 2 weeks. Glory to God.

Hastings, New Zealand April 2012
-Man’s mind cleared instantly after being delivered from evil spirit tormenting his mind...walked away with totally new countenance!
-Saturday evening before Sunday service, in prayer the Lord told Joni to begin ministry time with call for those having arthritis.  Lord said there’d be 4 people come forward.  In the Sunday morning service, Joni made the call for those with arthritis and 4 people came to be healed and saw instant improvement - two were totally freed from pain.

Wellington, New Zealand March 2012
-In the ministry line, the Lord told Joni that a lady had a devil and to get it out.  As Joni ministered, the devil manifested and was cast out.  The testimony was given later that the lady was a new Christian, just coming out of the occult.
-Man’s knee was healed – could bend down after hands were laid.

April 2012 - Houston Faith Church
- 12 people baptized in the Holy Spirit.
- One lady healed instantly of arthritis. Began running up & down stage stairs and around the building. Said she had not been able to run in 10 years!
- Another lady was instantly healed of arthritis.  Joni ministered and could sense the spirit of infirmity making it’s way down her body and departed out of her feet.  The lady then testified that she’d had limited movement in her hands and fingers and only with great pain.  But now she could move her hands and fingers freely and without pain.  She said “God is real”!
- Donna came forward in the middle of the preaching, responding to the Lord to be healed.  The back pain and tingling left instantly!

Feb 2012  Houston - Women's Meeting
Irene – Joni prophesied that God was going to answer her prayer, whatsoever she asked He’d give her.  God was going to give her the big thing she’d been praying for and it was His pleasure to do so.  Within 2 months of the prophecy, her son was saved whom she had been praying for for 25 years.  And her other son is once again expressing an interest in the Lord!

Dec 2011  Rose K. - Rose said a buyer had approached them about buying their acreage in Arkansas and asked Pastor Joni to pray.  Pastor Joni spoke “increase”, and emphasized “increase”, and then asked Rose if she received.  Rose said “yes”.  The next day the land had sold, and even a second buyer had inquired.  The increase was more than what they had asked for. 

12/4/11 Alison G. - Had some back and hip issues. Wanted to see if 1 leg was shorter so she sat for Pastor Joni to measure, and the heels of her feet did not line up equally – 1 was aproximately 1 inch shorter. Pastor Joni held both feets in her hands and commanded her leg to grow. The leg grew out to the same length as the other! Glory!

Alison G. - "Looks like that 'favor factor' has kicked in for Jessica. She listened to Joni's 'Favor' CD on her way back to school last Sunday evening.  Jessica had supernatural favor with all of her teachers after missing last week, particularly with two of her teachers concerning makeup work. Two of her teachers 'broke the rules' for her. Her math Teacher's assistant allowed her to take a makeup quiz, which is not allowed in the math department. Her physics teacher just decided to 'make it easy on both of them' and just gave her a 100 on the quiz she missed in that class!"

June 2011 Mar L  - Had a rental house she needed a renter for the house.  Pastor Joni prayed and within 4 days the house was rented!

Sept 2009 Lima Peru
- Testimony of girl (Teresa’s Church): With big tears, she came to tell Joni at main church when Joni was there first time Joni prayed for her (Oct 08). She said, “I had been trying to have a baby for a long time. Doctors told her not able to have baby, you pray and prophesied and now I have a baby”!
Saw youth from last time (02/09) – had major depression & suicide tendency. He was back & testified of his deliverance.
- Youth meeting – Joni prayed for girl. Had severe pain in entire body, headache, back, legs ect. Could not sleep at night. Tormented with nightmares, ect. Joni prayed & went on. She came back at end of line, this time clutching at Joni, panicked, mild look in her eyes. Joni recognized a devil. Girl said, "I need help" & mentioned witchcraft in her family. Curses put on her. Joni took a few minutes, talked to her about Armor of God being greater than any devil, demon, curse. Again, Joni laid hands, commanded devil out and all pain to go. Then Joni told her,"I laid hands again in the armor of God and nothing can resist that, you are free." Next morning (Sunday), she came to find Joni after church. She said she laid down to sleep and had a brief nightmare, but woke up; sat up & felt like a bucket of water was poured on her head and peace flooded her completely. And all the pain left her body. She laid down and slept all day. Now she said I’m free and healed! She looked totally different.

April 2008 Groves, Texas (Morning Star Church, aka Worship Center)
- On Saturday – Mother brought 4 years old son – severe behavioral problems. (expelled from Day Care, etc. – very mean). Joni asked him if he could say, “I love Jesus”, he just glared. She repeated – same response. She asked a third time and a scowl came over his face. She then knew he had an evil spirit. Joni cast it out!  After services ended, the boy ran up and hugged her with a big grin. His mom said, "He’s so sweet and he hasn’t been this nice in a long time!"
- "Toward end of service, I kept being drawn to a small boy (about 7 yrs. old) sitting on the front row by himself.  My heart was saying to declare goodness and mercy to follow him all the days of his life. My head was saying…. He was a kid that wouldn’t mean anything to him.  I finally went over and said something about Jesus with him and asked him if I could pray for him.  He said yes and I laid my hands on his head and declared it! I knew at that point I was declaring and setting a path for his life. Afterwards he came up (hugged me) and said, when you put your hands on my head, I got happy on the inside. (Later I found out he was involved in a very bad home life situation)."
- "I called people up to pray for their marriages. Had a couple of Words of Knowledge about situations. Afterwards a lady I prayed for came up and testified that she had needed a hearing aide but now had complete hearing in her ear. Next night- still hearing!"
- Had a Word of Knowledge about one girl writing a book. She said, yes, this was her third confirmation, but she’d been asking God when the right time to start was, thinking that it might be now. Joni ministered to her about her ministry with her husband…. told them it is time to step in!
- Prayed for one lady with headache. The Lord told Joni root problem was in her neck. Joni asked her if her neck hurt. She said, yes, Joni then tilted her neck and commanded pain to leave, healing her neck; pain left and so did her headache.
- Next night, one girl (Lauri) said when she came up to be prayed for Saturday night that she had three bulging discs and one slipped disc in her back. She was in severe pain and was taking epidural shots at the doctor office and still could barely function. She had to use a wheelchair to get around several times.  She said when she came up, Joni hadn’t even prayed yet, but the anointing was so strong she could barely stand.  She said, "I knew I was going be healed."  Then Joni just quickly just laid her hands (at this time I didn’t know her problem) on her and she was instantly healed. Next night she was still totally free of all pain - healed!
- Prayed for several people with arthritis – joints working immediately with no pain.
- Prayed for a man complaining of intestinal problems – pain left immediately.
- Prayed for a woman with pain in both legs – pain left immediately.
- Prophesied over one lady during healing concerning love and acceptance. After service she found Joni and thanked her saying you don’t know how much that meant to me.
- Prophesied for young adult girl to stay with God. She started out “hard” but eventually wept. God was saying He was more real and would show her. Cautioned her to not be swayed by outside influences. Afterwards she came up and thanked Joni for “doing that”.  She said, “I needed it” and “I’m going to walk with God”.
- "One lady came up said she suffered from sleep apnia and depression. The Lord told me her sleep problems were a result of the depression (spirit of heaviness). I cast it out and told her that she would sleep that night like a baby. Next night her son told me she slept like a baby. That she said she hadn’t slept like that in years. Usual routine: she had to sleep with a mask and the mask would cause anxiety when she put it on; she’d to quote Psalm 23 for a long time to try and relax. (The message that the Lord had given me that service was on Psalms 23). That night, after been prayed for, put on the mask and forgot it was there and fell asleep."
- Prayed for an older man (about 70) for arthritis. His pain left immediately. He started dancing a jig…joyfully and exuberantly. He said later that he had no pain whatsoever and had been sleeping like he hasn’t slept in years. He’s been showing his wife how well he can move! Testified again a week later.

May 2008  Word of knowledge - stiffness in body:  6 people came up, Joni laid hands, and all 6 had the stiffness leave their bodies.

Oct 2008 - Peru - Mission Biblica Carismatica 

In the brief notes jotted by Joni afterwards, here is what she recorded:  Preached in Sunday services on Fear. Gave a corporate Word to all Churches. 10:00 AM at main Church approx. 500 people. The Anointing so strong.  Preached and then helped them deal with fear by laying hands and speaking a word. Twelve (12) people saved!  Power of God touched many, people set free. Probably 2/3 of church.  Prayed for guy with Spirit of death (suicide) at end (he came up).  

4:00 PM at Central Church – Pastor Teresa approx. 150 people (difficulty with translator).  Prophesied Over three (3) people -2 strong words.   Word of knowledge for healing. Neck pain all healed. Back pain All healed but one.   Arthritis all healed but one partially.  Many were healed instantly—all except two.  Then people kept coming (no Word of Knowledge).  Healing anointing lifted and I told them they can be Healed by faith….. Some did!  Adapted message with my personal testimony.  Ministered to people to be Rid of fear—it was so powerful –probably ¾ of church.  Didn’t get to stay for altar call.  

6:00 PM Main Church approx. 300 people. Prophesied to one (1). Word of Knowledge—heart problems. Lord told me on the one, He was doing surgery and he got up with a new heart.   He was out in the Spirit on the floor the entire preaching (didn’t get to check people). Again, ministered to get people free of fear—2/3 to 3/4 of church—Anointing so strong! Nine (9) saved!

Sept 2008 - Peru Mission Biblica Carismatica
- Church secretary testified at lunch. She had had severe pain in her hip running down all the way to the bottom of one foot. She had not told anyone at church. She was trying to hide the pain & limp. She had gone to the doctor and they could not identify the problem, nor help eliminate any of the pain. After Joni prophesied to her and she was on the floor, Joni punched her stomach. When she did she heard a loud “pop” in her hip and all the pain left. The next day she was still totally free.
- Teen meeting had word of knowledge regarding recurring headaches. About 2/3 of teens came. So Joni started with those who had headaches right then. About 6-8 and all had headache leave instantly, then Joni prayed for all others. * Then Word of Knowledge about shoulder pain – one guy healed. Six (6) teens saved! Then, two with pain in ear came forward; both healed instantly. One testified later that she heard a ‘pop’ in her ear. God’s power so real kind of frightened her. .. Joni ministered to her. Two people after service camp up (not called up) pain in knee (bone problem) and one with pain from broken foot…. Pain left!

Nov 2007 - Morning Star Church (aka The Worship Center)
- Joni prayed for a girl who was on meds for anxiety attacks (dealt with tremendous fear). Took meds daily and still had severe attacks. Her mother testified in April 2008 – No more meds and no anxiety attacks since Joni prayed for her.
- Joni prayed for a lady to be free of severe fear. In April 2008, she said she had been free ever since Joni prayed for her. She had prayed to be free for years and now she was.
- Had a word for a young adult (Kari) about the call of God on her life. Joni called her up, and asked to walk closely behind.  As Joni walked and she followed, Joni ministered to her about closely following the Lord and those He had ministering/discipling her.  The anointing was so strong she could barely stand. She fell over in the power several times. Joni also told her she needed to know the Word, to study diligently to show herself approved. Joni also had her minister with her some, demonstrating to her the power of God, helping her to ‘know’ it and release it. She wept. Afterwards, she said that before Joni called her up, she had told God she needed an example. Then after watching Joni, she said, "Lord I want to be just like her in ministry". Then Joni called her up.
- Had a word of knowledge about people dealing with fear. 2 came up.The Lord said there are 3, so Joni repeated what He said.  A third man came up. Later he said that he told the Lord he knew he dealt with fear, but didn’t want to go up. He told the Lord, "If you have her say it again, then I will go." Sure enough… God said it again, and he came up and got delivered.

July 2006 Brett D - healed from months of back pain and a headache just melted away instantly.

Sept 2006 Houston Faith Church - Word of Knowledge, called for back pain: Two people healed instantly

2006 Jimmy A. - Pastor Joni laid hands, was healed from 1 year of stomach problems

2006 Diane D.- Pastor Joni had word of knowledge, pain in leg and back went away instantly

July 2006 Tatiana - "Went back to preach at a conference (Celebration Ministries).  After service a woman came up and told me she had been healed when I prayed for her in the 3-13-06 meeting.  She’s had severe migraines all her life (now 40 years) and took medication almost daily.  Still had migraines with the meds sometimes.  Meds in US weren’t strong enough, had to get them from overseas.  She was down to her last pills that night and was desperate."  Since Joni prayed for her (4 months ago) not one headache AND hadn’t taken any medication either.

March 2003  Christian Life Community Center Women’s Meeting 
Seven or Eight people healed instantly:
 - Girl in car wreck, stiffness in body, extreme pain in neck and back. Healed instantly!
 - Woman with stomach problems. Healed instantly!
 - Woman suffering from migraine headache. Healed instantly!
 - Lady with bone spur in heel – was going to have surgery the next week. Severe pain, could barely walk.  Healed instantly, ran
 around the room.  Never had surgery!
 - One baptism in the Spirit
 - Man healed instantly of a ruptured disc in back


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