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Rev. Joni Stevenson is a preacher and prophet who has a heart to build the Kingdom of God and bring people into the fullness of the Spirit-filled life through encountering God’s presence and power. With years of pastoral and traveling ministry experience, she revives and edifies the Church as she brings a "now" message from God with demonstrations and gifts of the Spirit that ignites faith in God. 

Joni, with her husband Chas, pioneered Houston Faith Church, an exciting and growing church in Houston, Texas, which they co-pastor. They are also founders of Stevenson Ministries, a traveling ministry that brings the message of faith and power. Joni’s time is currently spent not only serving the assembly of saints at Houston Faith Church, but also serving the Church at large, traveling to preach in churches and conferences in the USA and abroad. She has authored two books. Joni's latest book, Eliminate the Fear Factor, reveals the spiritual secrets she found to eradicate fear from her life and live fearless. She is ordained and affiliated with International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM) and resides in Houston, Texas. 

Joni's Preaching Engagements
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Take a glance at some of Joni's videos and enjoy the gift of God, and consider Joni for any church services, special meetings, Holy Ghost conferences,  or women's conferences.  One thing is for certain, Joni's ministry helps the Church in a very unique and powerful way.  

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