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He's coming. Are you ready?
Rev. Joni Stevenson ministers as a prophet with a very powerful preaching and healing ministry, building the Kingdom of God. She revives and edifies the Body of Christ as the grace that is upon her easily elevates congregations into the glory of God and ignites their faith and passion for Christ.  Joni flows freely with the Holy Spirit demonstrating the power of God with gifts of the Spirit, miracles and healings.  She brings a right on, "now" message with precise New Testament doctrine.   Along with traveling to preach in churches and conferences, Joni co-founded Houston Faith Church, where she also co-pastors with her husband Chas.  Joni is ordained as a minister through International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM) and resides in Houston, TX.  

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Take a glance at some of Joni's videos and enjoy the gift of God (though only the preaching is included in the video), and consider Joni for any church services, special meetings, Holy Ghost conferences,  or women's conferences.  One thing is for certain, Joni's ministry helps the Church in a very unique and powerful way.  

Joni's Preaching Engagements
(call or email for more information)

Jan 14, 2019
Houston, TX

Let the Prophets Speak 
Kingdom City: 2100 Eldridge Pkwy., Hou, TX 77077

Jan 20-30, 2019


April 15-23, 2019


June 24-Jul 10, 2019


Houston Faith Church        Stevenson Ministries

Stevenson Ministries

PO Box 421236
Houston, TX  77242
Phone: 281.870.1010